Why Early Picnic, you ask?
Well, think of it like this - imagine a bunch of folks getting together, not stressing about schedules or strict plans. They're on a spontaneous journey, and when they stumbled upon the perfect spot, they decided, "Why wait? Let's kick back and enjoy a picnic right here, right now!" It's all about going with the flow and savoring the moment.

Curious about our logo? Well… We wanted to design something that could symbolise a dynamic journey — one that's always evolving and open for everyone to join. Plus a touch of visual appeal! 🌟

Hey there creatives - Guess what? When we’re up and running we’re going to unleash the power of open call briefs. It’s inspired by the fourth plinth……but there’s only one……and it’s accessible! 🎨

Picture this: unrepresented artists stepping into the spotlight. We’re calling it ‘plinth’ and it’s your chance to shine! 🌟

Why submit to Early Picnic’s future briefs? Because the chosen masterpiece gets a VIP spot on a limited edition garment release. And guess what? 50% of the profits from that line go straight to the brilliant artist behind it! 🚀✨

So grab your pencil or whatever your creative tool of choice is, and let’s turn this into a collaboration the whole town talks about! 🎉🎨